Welcome to my website. I am a chartered counselling psychologist and existential psychotherapist who provides a service for people who want to work through any issues that might be concerning them.

I hope to provide a safe environment where you will feel at ease. Once you feel you have had a chance to understand how counselling and psychotherapy is significant for helping you acquire new thought patterns and skills that you can practice, your views can be clarified as an expression of your developing ability to take charge of old well-tried thoughts and ideas that might be interfering with living your life differently.

I work with individuals and couples both short term with what might be more focused immediate concerns, and longer term with how the past is patterned in the present and when conflicting views sometimes move us to enquire about those experiences that may have previously seemed unquestionable'.

Our work together will always be collaborative so you will be included in an ongoing process in which my attitudes and thoughts will be made freely available to you, so that you can benefit from considering how best to pursue your expectations for counselling and as a consequence, benefit from developing your confidence by informing our work together.

If you would like to make an initial appointment or if you have any queries you would like to discuss, please feel free to get in touch with me. You can call me on 01732 507073.